Beach holiday in the winter, is our favourite specialism.  Why endure a dreary winter at home, when a few hours flight can take us straight to the heart of fun and good times.  So we jumped to Panama for the famous beaches and warm sea and some diving lessons.  We ended up making friends and partying at night with the lovely locals who gave us a few lessons of physical fitness and endurance.  Partying by night and diving by day was tough but someone had to do it.   The organic Panama chocolate made it all worthwhile.  Melting pure organic chocolate buttons in the mouth was a healing, enchanting experience, which has not been matched by anything else since then.  It is used in healing rituals in Central America,  it is used in peace-making rituals,  and the Mayans used it in marriage rituals. Make chocolate not war.  After tasting the real, pure chocolate from our mother Earth, we are convinced that chocolate is the answer to all world’s problems.